• There's A Great Opportunity Now For Couples Working At Home: Trade Chore Lists


Just like in the workplace, domestic partnerships feature gendered division of labor. But according to Business Insider contributor Melissa Petro, divvying up chores into 'his' work and 'her' work is counter-productive. Whereas men do more work that is outdoors and considered recreational, like yard work, women tend to do indoor work like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. But because men's chores happen weekly or less often, the ones women do happen daily, or several times a day. Research shows women typically spend significantly more time per week than men on housework. That adds to resentment and stress within the relationship. With so many couples working at home, Petro says it's a great opportunity to trade to-do lists, learn new skills, and restore equity and peace in the home.

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  • Uploaded    09/27/2020
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