High school football Coach Victor Trenton (Leland) is beloved by his town and is a father figure to his team. On a red-hot winning streak, Vick pushes his players to their limits to maintain excellence. But when Mark Smith (Perez) decides he’s getting a raw deal, he rebels. Vick punishes the whole team to get him back in line, and charges them with gassers. All-star player and team favorite, Benny (Tolliver), collapses during the intense practice, and all eyes turn to the storied head coach. Instead of healing the situation, Vick tries to push the team to continue the winning streak, rather than dealing with the circumstances. When Benny’s mother (Lauvin) presses charges, the coach must decide if his reputation, his career, and his livelihood are worth his pride.

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  • Uploaded    06/18/2019
  • Film, TV & Animation Entertainment
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