Valentine's Day....the perfect time to try speed dating. Or the worst. - Digimania

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  • Uploaded    08/07/2016
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  • Bizarre, fancy dress 22-day push-up challenge
  • Rowdy wedding guests injure groom spraying him with fire extinguishers
  • Group of women, stuck in six-hour traffic jam, dance on motorway
  • Elderly man ‘dying of boredom’ posts ad looking for work
  • Man attempts to jump across pool at wedding, it goes wrong
  • Man trips on railing while trying to jump over it
  • Neighborhood leaves no stone unturned in finding joy
  • Man invents new 'chicken square dance
  • 10 Laws You Break Every Day
  • Kickback with the classic 'Ronin'
  • How well do we know Melania Trump?
  • Gov.Snyder's Former Legal Counsel Called the Use of Flint River as a S...
  • Trump's Economic Policies Can Cause A Recession
  • Christie Says Trump Is Not Holding Him Against His Will
  • Herman Cain: Romney Sounded like Rubio when Slamming Trump
  • Ben Affleck Talks Suicide Squad
  • Election Season Boosts Ratings For 'The View'
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Cracks Up Over Reporter Question