Mark, a misanthropic 26-year-old gay man, had been living in his mother’s garage in Indiana and working on his sexually explicit—and BDSM-themed—artwork until a lie he tells gets him unwittingly in New York City, dog paddling among the sharks. There, he takes a job babysitting for 6-year-old Milo, a new best friend who fully accepts Mark, but does little to help him meet the challenges of everyday life. Falling behind on rent, and running out of anti-anxiety pills, Mark finally discovers the inspiration he needs, in the form of the alternative superhero, Leather-Man, who appears to him through the lens of a psychedelic cupcake. As a sexy metaphor for discipline and control, Leather-Man helps Mark onto the path for success, but not before Mark’s babysitting adventures turn from empowering, to risky, and ultimately: transformative.

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  • Uploaded    10/10/2019
  • Film, TV & Animation Entertainment
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