It’s been weeks since Kamala Harris appeared on anyone’s top tier list of Democratic presidential hopefuls. Her polling numbers in key early primary or caucus states such as South Carolina and Iowa are frozen in low single digits. A new Quinnipiac University poll shows her with just 3% support in South Carolina. That includes just 6% percent of black voters, her presumed base. That’s less than one-seventh of former Vice President Joe Biden’s African-American support in the state. In her home state of California, her numbers are grim. A new Public Policy Institute of California poll found that just 8% of Democratic voters want her to go to the White House. Her numbers are so bad many wonder if she will win re-election to the senate in 2022. In an op-ed for CalMatters, Dan Walters wondered if Harris had any interest in legislating. "She’ll likely be more interested in making headlines than in doing the gritty legislative work the state needs."

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  • Uploaded    11/21/2019
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