Armie Hammer's secret Instagram has been found. Hammer repeatedly posted images of raw meat, pigs' heads and knives. The pictures are graphic and icludes one snap of barbecuing meat where he writes: 'Have you ever seen anything sexier?' In another he shared a photo of a pig's head alongside the caption: 'He's smiling.' The news comes as messages from Hammer reveal he told women "I am 100% a cannibal." The messages also reveal rape, bondage, and blood fanatasies. Sources said his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers knew he was unfaithful but knew nothing of the 'weird s**t' he did A Hollywood publicist said Armie cheated so much people thought the couple were in an 'open marriage.' In footage released by Friday, Hammer writes about 'f**king Miss Cayman' as the woman lies on his bed Miss Cayman Islands Universe Committee released a statement to say it had contacted cops over the footage. The Committee denied the woman is in any way connected to the pageant. Other footage included Hammer taking drugs, cussing at his wife, and taking urine tests. Friends are concerned Hammer is hitting rock bottom, saying "He needs help. Something is terribly wrong."

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  • Uploaded    01/16/2021
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