Filmmaker Michael Leoni leads us into a world that most people don't know exists. A world where in order to survive, kids are forced to sell drugs, beg for money or sell their bodies. They live under bridges, in abandoned houses or anywhere else they can hide to remain safe from the dangers they face daily on the streets. Follow his journey with homeless teens in Los Angeles as they expose the truth and illuminate the hardcore reality of this American crisis. These teens have traveled from across the country to converge in Los Angeles with the dream of finding something better. What they find is anything but that…their powerful stories are heartbreaking while their unrelenting hope and determination to create a better life shines through, in this true tale of love, friendship, and the triumph of the human spirit. Leoni reveals the answers to the most crucial questions: How did they get there? And why can't they get off the streets?

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  • Uploaded    07/25/2020
  • Film, TV & Animation Entertainment
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